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Reviewed on: 08/07/08
Troubled Teens School for Christian Teens

Russ Talbot is expert in counseling with the parents of the troubled teens in helping them find the exact school or programs for the troubled youths. Mr. Talbot works with family and the juvenile in a way that that they find the best matched program of rehabilitation according to their problems such as drugs, alcohol, depression and behavioral problems and other related to the teen. Talbot professional background helps to work with all type of disabilities such as AD/ ADHD, reading, math’s, and other education related disabilities.

There are several schools and programs are introduced for the general understanding. It endorses to some of the programs and rehabilitation centers and boarding schools for the parents and the troubled youths. There is one program that is called as transport teen program, well trained and experienced and strict procedure that staff and the teens have to follow. In this program children’s are facilitated to the various destinations. That enables the safe transportation of the Childs.

Abundant life academy is the one the most popular schools based on the Christian values. Programs are especially designed to under motivated teens, which are now become rebellious and defiant and are also involved into various drugs and alcoholism. Another path of successful rehabilitation is scared straight programs. This web site offers various solutions to the problems such as drug and alcohol addictions, under motivated, failing in schools, lack of discipline and emotional problems.

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