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Brandon School and Residential center
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Reviewed on: 08/07/08
Troubled Teens School for Christian Teens

Brandon School and Residential center is a non profit school and residential treatment center that provides stabilization, diagnostic, educational, residential, clinical, day treatment, case management services to adolescent boys and their families. They treat the educational, emotional and behavioral difficulties of their patients. They provide individual approach to their patients. They have been service their services to boys for many years and provide them best programs to achieve success in life.

They plan treatment program for every student and begins their program on a time. They provide external structure program to help boys to control over their behavior. They believe that treatment is very necessary for boys to help them to understand about their own feelings and initialize their own values. They propose them academic skills to maintain their study and to build self confidence.

The goal of Brandon treatment program is to move boys as quickly as possible to a less preventive school and home setting. They not only provide their service s to boys but also their families. They work with families intensively. They design special program for families to reunify and reintegrate boys back into their homes and communities. They provide individual attention on every student.

They have highly qualified teachers to teach their students. They support each student to achieve success in life. They serve best services to their clients and their families. They offer them safe, respectful, nurturing, supportive, tolerant and positive environment to enhance their life skills. They promote highest quality programs to their clients. They offer enrollment form to parents of adolescent teens who want successful life for their teen.

City: Natick
State: Massachusetts
Location: Brandon School and Residential center 27 Winter Street, 508.655.6400 Natick Massachusetts
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