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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Fetal alcohol syndrome is a disease or symptoms, caused by excess use of alcohol by mothers during pregnancy, in newborn baby. In a Fetal alcohol syndrome, a group of physical and mental birth defects presents in newborn child.

Abnormal facial features, growth deficiencies, and central nervous system problems characterize Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Fatal alcohol syndrome is a reason of one of many problems like learning, memory, concentration span, solving the problem and hearing. These difficulties frequently lead to troubles in school and problems getting along with others.

Patients with fetal alcohol syndrome usually have required a particular medical, education, domestic and society assistance. Their caretakers require medical information, gaze support, financial help and respite care. Large society and the acceptance society in particular must educate themselves to the extremely special requirements of alcohol affected teens.

Patient of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome needs:

•Educational need
•Medical Treatment
•Family need
•Caretaker need

The major effect of fetal alcohol experience is brain damage. This can be caused during any trimester, because the fetus's brain continues to develop throughout the pregnancy.

Possible Symptoms of FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) are:

•Growth deficiencies
•Developmental delay
•Small head circumference
•Skeletal deformities
•Low birth weight
•Facial abnormalities
•Organ deformities
•Poor coordination/fine motor skills
•Central nervous system handicaps

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