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Teenage Problems

Teenage is the transitional stage of development between childhood and adulthood. It represents the period of time during which a person experiences a variety of natural changes and encounters a number of touching issues.

Teens are particularly weak as they face many difficult and inherently stressful developmental challenges.

Teen violence, runway teens and teens lying are some ordinary and natural teenager's problems. They hold the way of fighting, lying and runaway for their protection and they become habituate.

Increment of these problems among teenagers is a serious problem. The teens that attempts violence or runaway previously are most likely at high risk beside these other high risk teenagers are:

•Depression abuse
•Stressful situations or loss
•Alcohol or drug abuse
•Family history of mental disorder
•Easy access to guns
•Exposure to other youths who have committed suicide.

Sometimes these create a reason for teen suicide and gang involvement. Physical changes of teens attract opposite sex and they want to identify about these changes and automatically fall in sexual crime. Self abuse and teen pregnancy is sign of sexual abuse. All these problems are increasing day by day.

Mental change affects teen’s mental status, as well as how he or she feels, thinks, and acts toward others. It brings a combination of feelings and thoughts that can reason someone to leave from his or her usual behavior. The evaluation of mental change makes them hunt of some dangerous disease like ADD & ADHD, self-harm and cutting, teen OCD, teen ODD etc.

Another problem among the teens is school challenge. In teen age he/she faces a big challenge because at that time they have to choose their career so they always confused that they choose what field and at what college they can get better education so school is a big challenge for youths.

There are many programs and adolescent therapy that helps teen to protect from these problems:

•Teen Suicide
•Runaway Teens
•Teen Violence
•Self Abuse
•Teens and Lying
•Gang Involvement
•Adolescent Therapy
•Signs of Sexual Abuse
•Teens Pregnancy
•Self-harm and Cutting
•Teens OCD
•Teen ODD

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